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Hjólabúnađur - Gćđi og ending
Léttitćkni ehf er umbođsađili Rombus Rollen á Íslandi Eigum mikiđ úrval vandađra hjóla á lager. Öll hjól uppfylla ströngustu kröfur um gćđi og endingu.

125 mm Spítalahjól (Grá) međ 100 kg burđargetu
150 mm Spítalahjól (Grá) međ 110 kg burđargetu
200 mm Spítalahjól (Grá) međ 120 kg burđargetu

Ţessi hjól fást međ eftirfarandi festingum/eiginleikum:
Snúning platta
Snúning platta bremsur
Snúning 1 bolti
Snúning 1 bolti bremsur

Spítalahjólin frá Rhombus eru einfaldlega ţau bestu ţegar kemur ađ endingu og gćđum. Eigum til á lager flestar tegundir.

Everyone talks about quality-about the best possible operation, long product life and the greatest possible safety of their products. All that is very well. But quality isn't achieved in a day. It has to grow. From tradition and experience. As the oldest manufacturer of wheels and castors in Europe, we provide both in the pure form. The quality of our products has been passed on in this way for generations. It results from a way of thinking that is oriented to the growing demands of customers in a world that is rapidly growing in pace and mobility.

And although we are known for our literal quality, now this is also on paper. Rhombus quality management has also been recognised by the dqs certification organisation. All technical and organisational production steps thus meet the din/iso en 9001 standards requirements. We now have formal certification of our quality.

Our experience, on the other hand, cannot be bought. For us it is the most valuable certificate. You will benefit from it. In our daily work together, and through every single type of castor that, after countless tests and trials, leaves our plant in order to put the unique Rhombus quality into action in your products.

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